English 26th July 2020

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This week Newsletter 26 July 2020.

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

1 Kings 3:5, 7-12. Lord, I love your commands – Psalm 118(119):57, 72, 76-77, 127-130. Romans 8:28-30. Matthew 13:44-52.

The hidden treasure. The pearl. The net.

Do the parables make it easier for us to understand what heaven is like? Metaphors can help clarify a subject. The kingdom of heaven is a mystery to the crowds surrounding Jesus, but he tries to help them grasp its reality by explaining situations they, and we, can relate to. We would ‘sell everything’ to claim the greater hidden treasure or the precious pearl.

The net separates good from evil.

These images represent heaven as the most exquisite discovery, supreme wealth, profound joy, and absolute justice.

Jesus, you are the master teaching your children. No sophisticated equipment – just simple stories about our eternal homeland. We may catch sporadic moments of heaven on earth, but every person yearns for more. We want to become citizens of paradise.

Over this last week in Melbourne things have escalated to wearing a mask if we are out to protect us and others, especially the plea we heard from our front line workers, let us keep them in our prayers, those in hospitals, those in nursing homes, young people, the homeless, the unemployed.

As things continue to change and evolved during this pandemic we hope you and your families are keeping safe.

God Bless your week and all you do.

Lorraine and Mariangela

Stay home – stay Safe – save lives – stay connected

St. Joseph’s Primary School Springvale

Like everywhere else the COVID -19 reality has impacted on school life at St Joseph’s and has children and staff working from home.
Our first concern has been the well being of the children, followed by doing all we can to keep them learning and developing.
This Remote Learning has presented challenges and new opportunities for us all. The past few months have given opportunity for parents to engage more in their child’s learning and be part of their school education. It also gave parents opportunity to partner with their child’s teacher and work alongside their child’s teacher. The parents did a tremendous job and must be congratulated, as on return we assessed the children and they showed improvements in their reading, writing and maths.
Last term as our community opened up and we returned to school on site we discussed with teachers and groups of children and parents what worked well, what they valued and what they would like to continue. This has certainly helped the staff and children as we return to Remote Learning this term.
In this second phase of Remote Learning the children are engaging far better, showing more independence and confidence when working and learning from home. With support and encouragement from their parents and teacher they will again learn and stay well during this time of isolation.
I thank the staff for their amazing commitment, time and perseverance in endeavouring to maintain the well being and learning for each child in their care.
It was wonderful at the end of last term to have all the children back at school and we all hope they return very soon.
My prayers are with you all, stay healthy and positive.

God Bless and best wishes

Chris O’Connell. (Principal)

St. Mark’s Primary School Dingley

This week St Mark’s headed back into remote and flexible learning and overall the teachers have felt that the students have moved back into the routine relatively seamlessly.

The teachers worked tirelessly last week  to review the structure based on the feedback from parents and students as well as their own reflection of the students’ learning to get the program organised.

We are committed to teaching a consistent high-quality and engaging curriculum with one to one and small group student support, a focused well being program, opportunities for enrichment and extension and access to specialist classes.

Thank you to all families for facilitating learning at home and we all pray that we are back sooner than later.

God Bless and keep safe

Debbie Darvell. (Principal)