English 2 Aug 2020

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Please find the Newsletter for this week Sunday 2nd August 2020.

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah 55:1-3. The hand of the Lord feeds us; he answers all our needs – Psalm 144(145):8-9, 15-18. Romans 8:35, 37-39. Matthew 14:13-21.

The feeding of the five thousand

Jesus, hearing of John the Baptist’s death, withdrew to the wilderness. Whether Jesus was grieving for John or preparing for a new stage in his ministry we cannot be sure. In either case he was swiftly interrupted, beset by people seeking him and the healing he offered. Here he provides a challenging example, instead of asserting his right to privacy and rest his compassion for the people overflows in ministering to them through healing. In order to allow them to remain with him Jesus then performs one of the greatest miracles narrated in the Gospels, multiplying a small amount of food to provide for thousands. It is deeply reassuring to me to know that, so long as we should seek him, Jesus will not only receive us, but will provide whatever is needed so that we can remain close to him.


I don’t know if many of you have ever made bread at home and yet we may have experienced going  past a bakery, just the smell of fresh leaven bread triggers something in our brain, to enter the shop and buy it, take it home, share it and eat it! How much more can God’s word be inspiring to us if we could just savour it;  just as we do the fragrant smell of fresh baked bread!


Lorraine and Mariangela