English 9 Aug 2020

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Please find the Newsletter for this week Sunday 9th August 2020.

Jesus walks on the water

Today’s familiar Gospel repays close imaginative attention. The Master, alone on the mountainside, keeps a vigil of prayer.

The boat, in which his disciples have set out across the lake, struggles against adverse winds. Its fearful occupants are spooked by a figure walking across the dark waves – Lord, is it really you? Peter, sinking and spluttering – Save me, Lord! The wind silenced, Jesus among them again – ‘You of little faith! Why did you doubt?’ Which of these moments draws you, speaks in your heart?

‘Take courage. It is I. Do not be afraid.’


All of us, especially perhaps at the present time, can take great comfort from this scene. The Gospel recognises that there will be times of stress and danger when faith will be sorely tested and sometimes fail. But this does not mean that ‘Emmanuel’ is not with us, swift and sure to rescue, when, like Peter, we cry ‘Lord, save us’.  

Stay safe and well, God Bless

Mariangela and Lorraine

St. Joseph’s Parish Springvale, including St. Marks Dingley Village


Our condolences to Yvonne and family on the passing away of Duncan McDonald peacefully on Wednesday, August 5 after a sudden but brief illness. May his soul rest in peace in the mercy of God and grant his family peace and consolation during this sad time. He was a longstanding parishioner in the St. Joseph’s Parish. Yvonne is a member of the St. Joseph’s Parish choir.

Yvonne would like to thank the Parish for this kind gesture.