Safeguarding Committee

Safeguarding Committee of St. Joseph’s Parish Springvale, incl. St. Mark’s Dingley Village
The Safeguarding Committee has used Child Protection Sunday, 13
September 2020 to launch the foundation documents of the Safeguarding
Framework – Safeguarding Policy, Parish Commitment Statement, Code of
Conduct and Safeguarding responsibilities.
In tandem, the website is being put to good use to house all of the
documents in one place. Please take time to visit our website to become
familiar with the content and to get to know your committee members.

The next step in focus is our communication with all Volunteers of all Ministries across St. Joseph’s, St. Mark’s
and the Vietnamese Community, particularly important for each to understand their responsibilities for the
safety of our children, young people and vulnerable persons. The commitment extends to clergy, employees
and volunteers in the parish.
It has also been a time of reflection as we implement safeguarding practices instilling a culture of safeguarding in
our Communities. Some of the major areas we have been reviewing are the updating of contacts for all volunteers
and parishioners, streamlining the naming of the Ministries, compliance of all volunteers for Working With
Children Checks, and for certain volunteers, Criminal History/Police Checks. The updating of the Parish system is
a mammoth task and will take significant time and resources to get to a certain level of accuracy.
The next stage in the Safeguarding framework is implementing the Self-Assessment Tool for the 10 National

Our aim is to raise awareness for all parishioners to provide an understanding of the framework. Watch this


“Safeguarding is every day, in every way, everyone’s responsibility”