English 27 Sept 2020 Week 26 A

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Ezekiel 18:25-28. Remember your mercies, O Lord – Psalm 24(25):4-9. Philippians 2:1-11. Matthew 21:28-32.

‘What is your opinion?’

Ezekiel describes how the wicked can turn aside from their ways and live. Is this being alive or just the absence of death?

The psalm describes how life is like abiding in a land that yields abundant fruit. Paul elaborates, describing this love as embodied in Christ’s love and care for the world.

Without Christ our hope for love would be a mere fantasy. In Christ, although such a model is a challenge, the love is real and gripping. Yet we do not know who will recognise it.

The Gospel points out how it is possible that sinners, institutions, systems and those who have exploited the poor to ruin and desperation, might turn and see their victim’s face and stop the wrongs they do. Can this really be true? How can it happen? These are challenging questions indeed.


Stay safe and well, God Bless

Mariangela and Lorraine

St. Joseph’s Springvale Parish including St. Mark’s Dingley Village.

Sharing from Fr. David Huebner OFM Conv. Resident Friar

After five years ministry in Illinois, USA, I came back to Springvale in March this year, just as Things started to hot up regarding Covid-19, or Kung flu or Corona Virus as it was called back then.  The Lord couldn’t have timed my departure better as I had no difficulties getting home as air travel was a safe, normal and standard thing back then, which changed quickly just two weeks later with the imposition of travel bans and restrictions.  At point of writing the virus has dragged on for a long time and caused major disruptions and life style changes for everyone, no one is immune.  Some positive insights during this extended period of time:  the heroic efforts of our front line health professionals, police, ADF, cleaning and grocery shop employees who keep us safe and functioning.  May God bless and protect them all.  Many people who felt low on energy or partially burnt out had the ability to rest and recharge due to the restructuring of society that followed.  The home isolation led many to think about and pray for others.  It gave time to those who took advantage of the extra time to focus in on spiritual things including Bible Studies via the Internet, spiritual reading, prayer and meditation.  This time led to more communal empathy, right around Australia as people became aware of how many souls died and how many people are doing it tough, going through great difficulties, esp. students, those who lost jobs, incomes and businesses.  It also lets us know that we, nor human beings in general are fully in charge of things, like many people like to foolishly imagine.  What will all this lead to?  Hard to say, but together with Jesus, it will not wash over nor overcome us.