24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah 50:5-9. I will walk in the presence of the Lord, in the land of the living – Psalm 114(116):1-6, 8-9. James 2:14-18. Mark 8:27-35.

You are the Messiah

Dear Lord, there was Peter telling you that he believed that you were the Messiah and, perhaps, looking forward to the time when you would be acknowledged by all in glory and splendour. Then you tell him, in no uncertain terms , that he is on the wrong track. Instead of lording it over everyone, you would be rejected, killed, and would rise again.

Why did Peter rebuke you? Didn’t he like hearing about you rising again – a concept impossible to imagine – or did he want you not to be so negative? It seems that you are telling us to look at life from your point of view, from a divine perspective. We know that you will give us the grace to do this and perhaps we could enlist the help of St Peter to respond to that grace.