5 Most Popular Types of Dinosaurs, Ever Appeared in Movies

5 Most Popular Types of Dinosaurs, Ever Appeared in Movies

Dinosaurs are one of the most interesting types of animals to study. Their large size is the main attraction. We can’t see dinosaurs directly today. Because all kinds of dinosaurs are extinct.

So far, we’ve only seen dinosaurs in films, like in Jurassic Park. Besides the famous T-Rex, there are many types of dinosaurs, you know.

1. Tyrannosaurus Rex

Quoting from wolfeboro Tyrannosaurus rex or T-rex is arguably the most popular type of dinosaur in the world. Their reputation as ferocious giant predators made them very famous. No wonder, if they often appear in movies, even once in animation.

His appearance is also very iconic, namely standing upright on two legs, having a large jaw and full of sharp teeth. In addition to its large body, it has two small arms that seem to be dysfunctional.

2. Velociraptor

This dinosaur is also very popular. Its appearance and ferocity are said to be similar to that of a T-rex. However, it is much smaller in size and moves faster. Velociraptor’s own name in Latin means ‘nimble thief’.

Did you know that the size and appearance of the Velociraptor is actually not what it is depicted in the movies? Reported by Live Science, they are feathered like birds and only reach 0.5 meters in height. Much shorter than an adult human.

3. Brontosaurus

You may be familiar with this herbivorous dinosaur with a large body and long neck. These dinosaurs include sauropods. There are many types of sauropods and Brontosaurus is one of the most famous.

This type of dinosaur has a large size with a length of up to 27 meters and weighs 38 tons. Interestingly, Brontosaurus was once mistaken for a species of Apatosaurus. However, follow-up research showed that they were indeed a type of dinosaur in their own right.

4. Stegosaurus

This type of dinosaur has a very iconic appearance with thorn-shaped plates along its back. The spines are part of the skeleton, reported by Live Science. This part serves to attract the attention of the couple when the mating season arrives.

The large size is also a special feature of this dinosaur. Stegosaurus has a body size of up to 9 meters and weighs more than 3 tons.

5. Triceratops

You must also know this one horned dinosaur. The name Triceratops literally means ‘three-horned face’ and indeed its three horns are its distinctive feature. Their skulls, which are equipped with large plates like shields, also make their appearance very easy to recognize.

The size of the Triceratops is estimated to be almost the same as the African elephant. It reaches 9 meters in length, while its weight can be more than 7 tons. The head of this dinosaur was enormous, one of the largest of all land animals.

Throughout the search by experts, the largest Triceratops skull specimen ever found reached a length of 2.5 meters, while its horns could reach 1 meter in length.