Aviator Game Winning Strategy, Tricks and Tips

Aviator Game Winning Strategy, Tricks and Tips

Aviator is a unique multi-player game https://Trendswe.com/betting/riding-the-new-wave-of-online-gambling-aviator-by-spribe/ with very simple rules and fast layouts. The provider of this gambling is Spribe, which appeared on the market in 2019. The game can be tried in two modes: playing for real money or in a demo version, for those who still want to have a closer look at the game itself and get to know the Aviator game logic and Aviator tricks. The Aviator game algorithm is based on the generation of random numbers (RNG) and success depends on what you do and how you apply this or that Aviator game strategy.

In the following article we will look at variants of strategies to play Aviator from Spribe, tips and recommendations for the game, and what to focus on in order to win at Aviator game slots.

Play wisely in the game Aviator.

Aviator Game Strategies: What Is It?

Strategies for playing Aviator do not guarantee you a win but increase the chances of a favorable outcome. All of the strategies and Aviator game tricks below are effective for playing best Aviator applications and online casino sites where the game is available. The strategies are a great addition to our guide on how to start playing Aviator for real money or demo mode for Indian users.

Aviator is a game that brings fun and money.

Spribe Aviator Game Tricks and Tips

The Aviator game has changed the perception and approach of the gambling market. The creators of the game from Spribe have put everything players are looking for in gambling today. The success of playing Aviator does not depend on the player’s experience in previous slots or games, you can get a big win by applying a certain strategy or tactics, using tutorials and guided by game indicators. But it is not a 100% guarantee of winning, only by showing patience and endurance, trusting your intuition, you can achieve success. Spribe Aviator game tricks will definitely not hurt but will help you to look even wider and get into the essence of the game. 

Next we will figure out some tricks to win an Aviator game.

Decide on a bankroll

You can not make a lot of money on gambling all time. The most important thing here is always to stop in time, so that you do not lose more than you planned. Determine how much you are willing to lose in case of anything and always follow your decision. Always leave the game with money in your account.

Watch how others play

Always use all the things that come with the game. Namely: study the Aviator game statistics, keep an eye on the game indicators so you can understand the mechanism of the plane’s flight, and chat with other players at the moment of the game.

Check the selected strategy in fun mode Aviator

Take the nice opportunity to test your skills first in demo mode to get to the heart of the game and try out all the tricks before start playing for real money.

Keep volatility low

In order not to lose, calculate the probability of the plane falling by taking into account the new latest tricks, and withdraw your money at low odds.

Use all your skills to win in Aviator.

The Best Aviator Strategy

In any game there is always risk, tactics, strategy and analysis of the stages passed. No strategy guarantees 100% success without analyzing its components. The strategy will help to identify your own style, relying on observation and cold reason, and achieve the highest possible coefficients. Let’s look at the best strategy for Aviator game.

Aviator strategy for One Bet

The strategy of playing a single bet is the most convenient recommendation for beginners in this game. If you don’t have experience in the Aviator game yet, it will be difficult to keep track of all the important points. In this strategy, your attention will be directed to one object, where you will keep everything under control and can win at high odds. The most important thing to start with is to determine the size of the bet.

The most popular tactics that can be followed by choosing a strategy for one bet are described below.

Use one bet to increase your wins in the Avaitor game.

Minimum Risk Aviator Betting Strategy

Having chosen this strategy, it is proposed to play on small coefficients. You won’t make a lot of money here. But at least this strategy will allow you to stay in the game as long as possible and minimize financial losses, thereby gradually increasing your balance.

Start small for victories in Avaitor.

Moderate Risk Aviator Betting Strategy

This tactic is recommended for those who have enough money on their balance sheet, losing it on occasion will not be a strong disappointment. Here the game is already being played with higher coefficients, x2-x3.

Play without much risk to increase your wins in Aviator.

Risky Tactics for Quick Money in the Aviator Game

Not recommended for beginners. The tactics are tough and suitable for those who have nerves of steel and who can cope with themselves. But it brings in the most money. You need a coefficient of 100x, which, according to statistics and observations, drops after 60-70 minutes. After this pause, you enter the round. In addition, we turn to statistics again, we need to check the flight history and the time when the plane hit the 100x coefficient form last time.

Play to the maximum in Avaitor to hit the big jackpot.

Aviator Strategy for Playing With Two Simultaneous Bets

The main difference between a two-bet game is that there should be a lot of concentration of attention. Playing with moderate risk is considered the best option for most players. We recommend for the first bet to choose an automatic bet and automatic withdrawal of funds when multiplying x1.2, and for the second to play according to the moderate risk strategy, which was described above for a single-bet game.

So in this strategy it is recommended to choose auto betting and moderate risk:

  • The first action is to withdraw the bet automatically at odds of x1.2;
  • Second bet: watch moderate risk strategy for one.

Make two bets in the aviator game to increase your chance of winning.

How To Win Aviator Game: The Best Betting Systems

As you may have noticed, there are many strategies and tactics that tell you how to beat Aviator game. There are also a couple of betting systems that will be effective in addition to your understanding of the process. But you should not rely only on a strategy or choose one betting system, since there is no 100% information about a particular efficiency system. Some systems are based strictly on a mathematical approach, but without confirmed real experience. At the same time, others may turn out to be working.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale is a negative progression staking system and is also often considered a successful system because of its track record. It requires betting an amount on a team you think will win the game. If you lose that bet, you will keep doubling your previously made bet until you will win. Once you will win, you’ll cover all your net losses and make a profit.

It takes a lot of practice to win at Aviator.

Labouchere System

We take sequences of random numbers (the sum of the numbers in our sequence equals the amount of winnings), the total amount will be our profit, which we want to get at the end of the game. Consider the numbers 1-1-1-2-2-2, the total number is 9. We take the leftmost and rightmost number, which is the amount of the first bet -3. If there was a winning, these two extreme numbers are crossed out and by analogy take the other two extreme numbers, also the sum of 3. If the first bet loses, we add it to the rightmost part of our sequence of numbers, and following the logic of the system the next bet will be 4. If it wins, we remove the two outermost numbers, if it loses, we put it to the far-right side of the sequence of numbers again.

Fibonacci System

The Fibonacci system is one of the oldest mathematical formulas known to man. The Fibonacci system is a set of numbers that follow each other according to a certain pattern. This pattern means adding two previous numbers together to get the next number in the sequence. For example, if we start with 0 and 1 and then add them together (0 1 =1), we get our next number equal to 1. Then we add 1 1 (2) and continue until we reach the desired number. The final sequence in our case with this example looks like this: 0-1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34, etc. Using the example of the Aviator game:

  • Determine the size of the bankroll;
  • Set the coefficient, it must be at least 2.6;
  • In case of victory, the player must go back one step in the sequence;
  • In case of loss – move one step forward, increasing the amount of the bet strictly according to the system.

d’Alembert System

Anticipating the upcoming question about the strategy’s name – this betting strategy has been named after its French author, Jean le Rond D’Alembert. With this strategy, you will safeguard or seek to equalize your capital to what you already had before you had defeated. It consists of establishing a continuous amount or unit that is kept despite the winning (or losing) results. The reason for this is that as you lose games you will double x2 the stakes on the next turn. The necessary probability to apply the D’Alembert strategy is 50% or very close to it.

In your first round, if you will bet $2, and you will lose in the next game, further all your further bets will be multiplied by x2 from the start amount. So that is to say the next bet will be $4. If you lose the second round, the next will be 6$, etc. The next time you win, you subtract one unit, leaving again a bet of 4$. Until your streak is positive again.

Once you’ve chosen the bet amount you will make, you need to define what will be your unit per bet. This ‘unit’ will be a fixed amount, in this example, we will assume that it is up to $2, and a limit amount that you will not be able to exceed in case of a very bad streak.

Paroli System

Paroli is a tactic known since the 16th century. The essence of the game is to double each successive bet until three wins in a row are achieved. Today the Paroli betting system is applicable to Aviator, Roulette and Baccarat and even Blackjack.

Aviator Game Algorithm

The Spribe crash game Aviator uses the algorithm and technology of RNG (Random Number Generator) for when the plane is to crash.

This algorithm is used to ensure that the game is fair and legitimate, so that there would be no way to predict when the plane may crash.

Explained in technical terms, the RNG algorithm approach uses a value known as a server seed and it is combined with other data to produce a new value. The next client seed value is represented by this new value, and makes the game completely fair.

Playing the Aviator game which uses the RNG algorithm is simply a game of luck, as the plane may crash after a few seconds or even a few minutes.

Aviator game with random order.

Aviator Game Tips and Tricks: Conclusion

The Aviator crash game for online casinos is a brand-new type of social multiplayer game that allows you to shoot up into the sky and collect rewards as high as you can. The multiplier scale increases slowly along with your bet amount, and you have to withdraw your winnings quickly enough before the plane crashes. The game offers a 97% RTP along with an x200 multiplication coefficient up to x200 which is one of the highest on the gambling market. The game offers newcomers the demo mode version to test their skills and betting strategies before enrolling in the full version which is definitely worth trying!