Not only deserts, these are 6 beautiful beaches in the Middle East

Not only deserts, these are 6 beautiful beaches in the Middle East

The Middle East is usually synonymous with dry and hot deserts. Even so, the desert is one of the uniqueness of this region that stretches from West Asia to North Africa.

Maybe many of us don’t know that Middle Eastern countries have lots of exotic beaches. One of the most famous is the Dead Sea. Here are some lists of beautiful beaches in the Middle East which are suitable for relaxing while soaking in sea water.

1. Ölüdeniz, Türkiye

Türkiye is a country with many beautiful beaches. One of the most famous is Oludeniz. This blue beach is often called the Blue Lagoon.

Apart from enjoying the beautiful beaches, tourists are usually tempted to try paragliding from the Babadag Mountains near the beach. If you are lazy to jostle with other tourists, you can rent a boat to go to Butterfly Valley which tends to be quiet.

2. Dead Sea, Jordan

Dead Sea or the Dead Sea is actually a large lake filled with salt water. Its very high salt content makes it uninhabitable for living things, even humans would tend to float above it very easily. Its natural conditions make it very unique and is often used as a tourist destination for people vacationing around Jordan and Israel.

Moreover, the view from the edge is truly magical. The Dead Sea area is always crowded with visitors and there are many luxury resorts around it.

3. Kite Beach, Dubai

Located in Dubai, from Kite Beach you can clearly see the Burj Al Arab building. It is located not far from the city center and offers lots of fun activities such as beach volleyball, skate courts, cycling trails, culinary tours and of course the convenience of swimming freely in the sea.

There are many hotels that offer views of this beach, just choose which one suits your budget.

4. Salalah, Oman

Salalah is a beach suitable for adventurers who are challenged by extreme terrain. You can enjoy this beach from various angles, there are bays that you can climb, or even caves that allow you to see seepage of the waves that blaze at certain times. Tourists are allowed to camp in the Salalah beach area as long as they don’t leave trash anywhere.

5. Nissi, Cyprus

One of the tiny countries in Southern Turkey is an elegant beach tourist attraction. The water is very clear, greenish in color and looks beautiful when the golden colored sand begins to appear. This place is also famous as a nightlife spot in certain corners.

If you want more privacy, come during the low season in winter or fall. The air is not too hot and not too cold either. Perfect for relaxing accompanied by cloudy skies, without much disturbance from other tourists.

6. Djerba, Tunisia

Tunisia is also known as a country that has many exotic beaches. Djerba is one of them. It is a small island that has a perfect underwater view.

Starting from caves, colorful corals, to the ruins of shipwrecks. On the island, you will also find several synagogues, traditional markets, seafood restaurants and hotels with various rates and don’t forget to visit our site to get other interesting information by additional info