Aroma Restaurant

Aroma Restaurant

The restaurant:this romantic restaurant on the top floor of Palazzo Manfredi and with its panoramic terrace it offers a spectacular view of the Colosseum and the Fori Imperiali. A real gem in the heart of Rome. The atmosphere is welcoming and elegant and the atmosphere is intimate and suffused. In short, for a special evening, an exclusive dinner with a view of the Colosseum is really perfect! (

The cuisine:the Aroma restaurant offers typical dishes from the Italian cuisine, revisited with mastery by chef Giuseppe Di Iorio in a gourmet version, such as, for example, the “ravioli tailed to the cow’s milk on parmesan cheese fondue and smoked apple”.

Enoteca la Torre

The restaurant: In the prestigious rooms of Villa Laetitia, the historic home of the Fendi family, is the Enoteca La Torre Restaurant. An authentic oasis of peace in the center of the city, with refined and sumptuous furnishings that combine the antiques with the contemporary balance. In addition to the large central hall, characterized by a large window overlooking the magnificent garden of the villa, this romantic restaurant also has private rooms, perfect for spending a candlelit evening.

The kitchen: Chef Domenico Stile offers interesting reinterpretations of typical dishes of the Roman and Neapolitan cuisines, such as the “lemon risotto of Amalfi and buffalo yoghurt” and the “ravioli of coda alla vaccinara”, as well as many other refined and tasty dishes.


The restaurant:in the Testaccio district of Rome, this restaurant is spread over four floors, having a roof garden, a veranda, a terrace and a characteristic room set in the caves of Caco. It is perhaps the caves that make this place one of the most romantic restaurants in Rome, unique in its kind. The terrace even offers a splendid view of the Tiber.

The cuisine:the gastronomic offer, refined and tasty, mainly focuses on fish dishes but the earth dishes and the classics of Roman cuisine are not left behind. Note of merit: the prices are very affordable, really affordable for everyone!

Solo per due

The restaurant:it is slightly out of the way, but it deserves to be counted among the most romantic restaurants. This delightful romantic restaurant is in fact in Vacone, a small village in the province of Rieti, just over an hour’s drive from Rome.  A bit far but really worth it: oh, and no queues, no waiting. Why? Because this exclusive restaurant has a single table for two people. You cannot get any more intimate and romantic than this! The restaurant is surrounded by a beautiful garden that you can enjoy in the summer, while in winter you can sit in the living room in front of the fireplace. The atmosphere is truly magical: as soon as you take a seat at the table, the lights become soft, the chandeliers light up and the waiter arrives only if called with the little silver bell. At the end of your romantic dinner of the past, you can also leave your memory on the book of thoughts, which collects the testimonies and stories of all the lovers who have visited the Solo for two.

The cuisine:the kitchen is strictly Italian and offers the excellences of the territory of Vacone, including mushrooms, homemade pasta and bread, local meats and desserts, respecting the seasonality and freshness of the ingredients.

These are the top romantic restaurants in Rome: grab your partner and go!