I joined in Youth ministry in 2019 and I believe youth ministry exists because God loves all people and therefore we are called to love young people in all their loveable moments and all their not-so-loveable ones.

Vu Tran

Group Leader

Ủy Viên Giới Trẻ Cộng Đồng Công Giáo Việt Nam Tổng Giáo Phận Melbourne. Currently General Mentor for St. Joseph Youth

Hong Tham

Vietnamese Youth ministry

Australian Catholic Youth Festival

It exists to provide young people with opportunities to deepen their relationship with Jesus, be empowered to be disciples in the world today and encounter and celebrate the vitality of the Church in Australia.

A Vision for Australian Catholic Youth

It calls the Church to accompany our maturing disciples throughout their school years and into adulthood, to find their vocation and place in the Church and world.

Catholic faith community

in helping young people grow in faith as they experience life in community and actively participate in the mission of Jesus Christ and his Church.

To foster the total personal and spiritual growth

 Promoting the growth of young and older adolescents means addressing their unique developmental, social, and religious needs and nurturing the qualities and assets necessary for positive development

World Youth Day

Sure can, Fr Marcin… so everyone, here is The Hope.

Empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus

Ministry with adolescents helps young people learn what it means to follow Jesus Christ and to live as his disciples today, empowering them to serve others and to work toward a world built on the visions and values of the reign of God



  Our Goals


expressing and understanding who we are as Church, in our relationship with God


“The future starts now, not Tomorrow”


Everyone’s lives are being stripped back in this slowdown, and the life of a teamie has been no exception. In the absence of ministries, schools, regular youth groups, and even of our locations and each other’s physical presence, our missionary lives in isolation have boiled down to their truest essence; lifestyle! I begin each day with

Support the community

 help people get together for a common purpose or to share an interest. The group may provide support for its members or for others in their local community


It’s our heart that you draw closer to God and build great friendships with other Enjoyers.

Our saint

Pope John Paul II

“The future starts now, not tomorrow.”




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